Worried you won’t get the holiday shopping done on time?

Fear no more, if you want to give the perfect gift for your fellow riders, kiddos and adults, you can still do some last minute shopping at Moto-StyleMX! Thanks to our deal with DHL, we offer worldwide shipping, that takes days, not weeks! Our designers and manufacturing works 120% to make sure you get your kit in time to put it under the pine tree this year!

Hey gals and guys!! As you’ve probably noticed, we’ve just released a completely new website. New design, new possibilities, you know the drill… So what do we have here?

Responsive design

While analysing how our users access our website, we’ve noticed a trend. Most of our customers visit our website via mobile devices, such as smartphones and tables. That’s why now our website treats phone users as first-class citizens and shines in all it’s responsive beauty.

Name and number customization

We have always offered great customization options with our designs, but to be honest it was a bit cumbersome. We have streamlined the semi-custom options, so that you can specify your name and number on your number plates when ordering a Moto-StyleMX kit. If you find that you’d like a completely unique design and don’t mind working with us and paying a bit extra for premium service, send us a message!

Search bar

Tired of seeing an awesome Moto-StyleMX design and searching for it through our vast offerings? Fear no more!! Now you can search bike models and even design themselves from anywhere on our website!!

All new gallery

Would you like to show off your beautiful bike with premium custom made graphix? Now you can upload them directly to our website for the world to see and your buddies to envy!!

Modern payment methods

We now offer payments card payments via Braintree. We hope, this will improve your sense of safety and reliability when dealing with card payments! As before, we still offer Paypal and bank transfer as a stable, reliable alternative.

State-of-the-art security

We’re down with the latest internet security trends and all our traffic is signed by an SSL certificate! In laymen’s terms, it means that whatever you type in at our website is transmitted securely encrypted, so there is no eavesdropping you, when you shop at Moto-StyleMX!


We get it, every website that you visit tries to spam you with their useless newsletters and promotions. That’s why we don’t trick you with implicit agreements to receiving newsletters. You can opt-in to receive Moto-StyleMX newsletter, but even then we will send them out only when we have something really cool, or really important going on to let you know.

New “Contact us” form

We have redesigned our contact form so that it’s easier to find and use. We also strive to be better at communicating with our community and fans, so whether you have an idea, a question you’d like us to answer or you notice something missing, please let us know. And last, but definitely not least…

Customer accounts

Do you have multiple bikes? Do you buy kits for your whole family? Would you like to see all your orders in one, easy to read place? Sign up for Moto-StyleMX account with your next purchase and gain all the advantages of being part of our community!! Easy, secure payments, no more filling up forms, easier and faster getting spare parts of your graphics and so much more!!


Team Moto-StyleMX