Oh no, you just got your new awesome KTM and your buddy got the same one the next week? Want to make your's look even better than his shiny new beast? Easy-peasy! Just grab yourself a new Moto-StyleMX decal kit and get back on top of your game!

No point in waiting around, go browse our offering and if you'd like to see how they look on the real deal, swing by our gallery, or our Instagram account! When you find what you've been looking for, why not complete the look with our awesome rim tapes and protective spoke coats?

With all our full decal kits we offer a semi-custom option with your chosen name and number.

If you'd rather something customized and unique, or you have any further questions feel free to chat with our support team at the bottom of the site, use our contact form, or send us an a message to our e-mail address: [email protected]