A day in the life of Moto-StyleMX Team! (Black Friday Edition)

Hey there, dirt bike freaks! Ready for another update from your favorite design studio and graphics manufacturer? This time, We’ll bring you along on an exciting journey to see how our/your graphics get made! It all starts with your order.

Our teammates in the customer service receive any and all your requests, consult with you and relay all the information to our star designers. That’s where the proper magic begins!

These guys work fast and using state of the art vector graphic design software to prepare the preview and the final design according to your specifications and our sense of eye-catching design! After a back and forth with the customer, we get his final “go ahead” and we move to the production itself! That’s where the printing experts come in. We use our own special selected color palette to ensure that every design looks great and even if you order a spare part few years down the line, you’ll get matching colors and best quality replacement.

Our professional printers work fast and tirelessly to ensure you get your decal kit on time for your race! After the batch is printed and dried, it goes through the lamination process. This is where our graphics kits get their superior endurance and wear-resistance. Recently we have started offering a premium matte finish of any design on our website.

After the kit is laminated, it moves on to the cutting stage. The printed and laminated sheet is put on the plotter and precision cut with extremely sharp scalpel.

Of course, at each step of the process, the product is quality checked for defects and kinks. Only if every piece matches our requirements for the top-notch quality, it goes through packaging and is sent via DHL Express Courier Service straight to your door.

Today is a special day, though, and we have another treat for all of you.