Exciting updates!


We haven’t been active in the blogging sphere for a long time, but it’s all well as we feel like we have a lot to share with you guys now!

But first, this whole weekend, you can order graphics with custom name and number at no extra cost!!!!

We’ve closed a new shipping deal with DHL, improved the quality of our templates, added new bikes to our catalogue and coming soon, you’ll be able to order any of our designs in cool matte finish! So let’s talk about what each of those mean to YOU!


A little known fact is, that even if you crash your bike and destroy part of your decals, you don’t have to buy a whole new kit. Just send us an email and we can hook you up with spare decals for whatever part you need! Save money and get the most of your custom design!


We’ve entered a new partnership with DHL, premium courier service that delivers worldwide in the matter of days. That means, you’ll get your bike up and ready to kick ass faster than ever! For more information, see this page!


We’ve made some improvements to older models, so that they fit your bike even better than before, but more importantly, we’ve added NEW models into our catalogue. If you’ve got Yamaha YZ 65 2018 , YZF 450 2018, or Honda CRF 250R 2018 or Honda CRF 450R 2017, check out the new offerings. If not, don’t worry, more updated models are coming really soon!


Last but definitely not least, we’ve been testing out new materials for our production and are proud to announce, that in the next few days, you’ll be able to, for the very first time, order ANY design done in amazingly cool MATTE FINISH. See for yourself, the difference is POPPING!

We are excited about these updates and we will keep them coming to make sure you get the best service and quality product in the world!

Team Moto-StyleMX